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An audio narration of the meaning of selected surahs from the Quran.


Surah Kahf

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High quality, engaging audio

Simple modern day english, easy enough for kids to follow​

Sound effects and changes in tone help capture attention

Approved by scholars from Madinah University

Improves children's listening skills

Reduced screen-time for kids

Transform your dreams into reality by helping kids build a super-strong bond
with the Quran.

Let the Quran captain them, mentoring them to success in both this life and the next. Start the journey today!

Easy Quran Meaning Companion Guide

The Easy meaning of the Quran is supplemented with companion guide books. These can be used to:

View a free sample from Easy Quran Meaning Companion Guide:

Initiate thought provoking discussions as a family​

Encourage children to reflect and think logically

Pique children’s interest in the Quran

Weave lasting memories that revolve around the Quran

The Easy Quran Meaning for Kids is a work in progress. New episodes will be uploaded regularly! Your support enables us to continue producing quality content for our children.

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Luqmay is an online platform for Muslim parents and kids where they can access quality Islamic resources to help learn about the deen in an interesting way.

We produce animated videos based on true Islamic stories (, have online interactive events based on these stories and also produce fun resource banks with tons of activities related to our story themes.

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Abbaad Ibn Bishr (may Allah be pleased with him) stands guard as the Muslim army takes a rest for the night. All is calm and quiet and Abbaad decides to offer Salah in the peaceful night. However, things take a turn when he is shot by an arrow in the middle of his prayers.

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Luqmay’s Project Manager

Zawjah Ammar,a mother of three and a self-taught writer, works with her husband, Ammar Khan (CEO) to manage various Luqmay’s projects and employees along with endless discussions and new ideas on how to create the best authentic Islamic content for our children.

Luqmay Writers

Mahrukh Nida Ahsan, MA Mass Communication A teacher, reader and writer who takes inspiration from classic English literature and poetry. A self help book with a warm cup of tea is her go-to combination. She enjoys spreading laughter and crafting pretty little things.

Zawjah Ammar, a self-taught writer and mother to mischievous kids who love to hear stories. She takes her inspiration from Pixar stories and fictional novels to re-tell true stories in a ‘new-generation friendly’ style with inspirational songs to go along.

Zahra Anjum, has contributed many remarkable stories to Luqmay, Battle of Badr and Prophet Musa (peace be upon him), are examples of her outstanding talent.

The boy escaped death by making dua to Allah. His enemies were not able to harm him until he told them how. What was his end?

Arwah – the wife of Abu Lahab was furious when she heard that a Surah had been revealed about her. She set out to take revenge from the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). 

Prophet Yusuf meets his brothers again! Will they recognise him? How will he get out of prison? Watch the video and find out!

The Muslims have lost their third holiest site to the crusaders. Divided as they are, will they be able to regain it under the rule of a young warrior sultan?

Abdul Muttalib dug the sandy ground with his pickaxe following the command of Allah to excavate the well of zamzam. His lone companion in his toil was his only son, Haris.

If God grants me ten sons, I’ll sacrifice one in His way at the Kaaba, Abdul Muttalib vowed.
Years later, he remembers his promise but his breath catches in his throat as he eyes his ten beloved sons.

Will Abdul Muttalib fulfil his promise? Who will be sacrificed in the way of Allah?

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Fatima, (May Allah be pleased with her) the Queen of Jannah leads a simple and humble life in this world. Her husband Ali, and her sons Hassan and Hussain (May Allah be pleased with them) are dearest to the Prophet of Allah, Muhammad (Peace be upon him). When the two boys unfortunately fall sick, the worried parents vow to fast for three days to ask Allah to grant them health.

Things become challenging when right at the time to break the first fast, a needy person knocks at the door and requests the noble family to share their food. This pattern repeats on the second day and third.

Will Fatima and Ali (May Allah be pleased with them) succumb to their hunger or respond to the calls of the needy at their door?