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How it works

With Qur’anic and Prophetic stories, we teach children life principles, all the while putting to practice their imagination, thinking and literary skills.

Learning Islam should not be forced or boring

What our product does.

Learning through Stories

Allah teaches us principles and morals through stories in the Quran. Story telling is a core tenet of Luqmay. 


Learning with Other Kids

Engaging educational webinars that reinforce the lessons in our stories through activities and thought provoking questions.

Learning with the Whole Family

Stories that are universal to all age groups. They spark engaging conversations with your children and brings families together. 

What our product does.

We are the third parent to your child.

We help parents teach their children, so they can raise strong Muslims with the character of Quran. We cannot be around our children all the time and forever. The Quran is the best gift we can give to our children so it stays with them for life, steering them and guiding them to success in Dunya and Akhirah.

Luqmay Shariah Advisory Board

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Dr. Abdul Aziz Alobud

Dr. Abdul Aziz Alobud obtained degrees in law from the Islamic University of Madinah, Penn State University and Sufolk University Law School. He currently serves as the Head of Law Department in the Islamic University of Madinah.

Mufti Billal Omarjee

Mufti Billal completed his Islamic theology studies at Darul Uloom Bury and subsequently also qualified as a Mufti. He has a degree in law from London Met University and has served as an Imam and a head teacher.

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