83 Surah Mutaffifin – The Defrauders

In the name of Allah, the entirely Merciful, the especially Merciful

  1. Allah’s anger is on those who who cheat people by giving them less than what they paid for
  2. Those who take full measure of things ˹when they buy˺ from people,
  3.  But give less than what is right, when they measure things to sell to other people 
  4. Do these people think they will not be raised up after they die and questioned about their actions
  5. On a great Day?
  6. the Day when all the people will stand before the Lord of the worlds? 
  7. For sure the record of the actions of these wicked people is stored in the Sijjin
  8. And what will make you know what Sijjîn is?
  9. The record of actions is a book written and sealed – nothing can be changed in it.
  10. Allah’s anger will be on the refusers on that Day
  11. Those who refused to believe in the Day of Judgement
  12.  And no one refuses it except the most wicked ones who cross all the limits of sins and disbelief.
  13. When the verses of the Quran are recited to them, they say, ” (These are) ancient tales of the old people” 
  14.  No! But the sins they used to commit has covered their hearts with rust.
  15.  Surely, these wicked people will not get to see Allah on the Day of Judgement
  16.  In fact, they will be burned in Hellfire 
  17.  Then, it will be said to them: “This is what you used to deny!”
  18.  Surely, the record of deeds of the good believing people is in ` illiyyun.
  19.  And what will make you know what ‘Illiyyûn is?
  20.  The record of deeds  is a book written and sealed – nothing can be changed in it.
  21.   It is taken care of by those (angels) who are blessed with nearness to Allah!
  22.  Surely those who believed in Allah and did good actions will be in delight in Paradise
  23.  While (sitting) on thrones, they will be watching (the scenes of Paradise).
  24.  You will recognize on their faces the glow of delight.
  25.  They will be served with a pure sealed wine to drink
  26.  The last sip of this drink will smell like musk, so let those who wish to achieve this compete with each other
  27.  And this drink will be mixed with Tasnim
  28.  Tasnim ​​is a spring from which those nearest ˹to Allah˺ will drink. 
  29.  Indeed, the wicked used to laugh at the believers,
  30.  and when the believers passed by them, they used to wink at one another to make fun of them 
  31.  And they would make fun of the believers amongst their family and friends
  32.   And when these wicked men saw the believers they would say , “Surely, these people are lost in the wrong way” 
  33.  even though they were not sent as watchers or guardians over the believers.
  34.  But on the Day of Judgement the believers will be laughing at the disbelievers,
  35.  While (sitting) on thrones, they will be seeing
  36.  And the believers will be asked,˺ “Have the disbelievers ˹not˺ been paid back for what they used to do?”

Abbaad Ibn Bishr (may Allah be pleased with him) stands guard as the Muslim army takes a rest for the night. All is calm and quiet and Abbaad decides to offer Salah in the peaceful night. However, things take a turn when he is shot by an arrow in the middle of his prayers.

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